Being that Nashville is called Music City USA, this series of photographs developed naturally.

Live music is being played everywhere from the streets to the stages, this project documents that passionate energy.

Photographing on the street is the pursuit of the fleeting instant, photographing openly as a casual passerby or as a systematic observer. Street photography has a relationship to the school of impressionistic painting in that it examines not so much for detail, but for speed and gesture. When painting/photography/literature abandon the studio for the street it owes to impressionism’s account of the psycho-perceptual experience of the modern city.


I photograph in a graphic black & white style giving the images the gravity of asceticism, which by dint of self-denial, is able to reveal and interpret underlying relationships. The more a photograph pays impartial attention to detail, the greater does anarchy become. The street photographer is peculiarly free from reality, while the image itself is peculiarly subject to reality.

I began my art career in Austin, Texas where I became a well-known poster artist. My work appears in a number of poster retrospectives from that era, including the book, The Art of Rock (1987, Abbeville Press). During my time in Austin, I studied photography under the legendary street photographer, Gerry Winogrand. I observed up-close how Winogrand worked and absorbed his philosophy of photography, which has greatly influenced my current work.


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Photo by Jeff Frazier

Photo by Jeff Frazier