I take pictures in public spaces. embracing chance encounters and random incidents.

I am impassioned by the unexpected, haphazard multitude of things that can pop up in a picture - neon signs, buildings, random people - all colliding in a rush of activity.

My photography developed naturally by way of recording the vibrancy of downtown Nashville. These are photos documenting the people, the music and social issues that make up Music City USA..

I began my art career in Austin, Texas as a graphic artist. My work appears in a number of poster retrospectives from that era, including the books, The Art of Rock (1987, Abbeville Press) and Homegrown (2015,Texas Monthly Press). During that same time I was privileged to study photography under the legendary Garry Winogrand who made a profound impression on me through his philosophy of photography. My early work in music and street art has come full circle and found it’s place in my current work in street photography, capturing the zeitgeist of this remarkable time and place in Nashville. 


All images copyright Michael Ray Nott.
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Photo by Jeff Frazier

Photo by Jeff Frazier